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Options for gantry car washes

Flexibility guarantees perfection – even on slanted surfaces:
cleanliness from start to finish with the MultiFlex side washing system.

Augsburg, 21st January 2015 – Sloping hatches, rear spoilers and recessed bumper bars have always been the downfall of the automatic carwash. Now the MultiFlex side washing system in WashTec’s SoftCare2 Pro gantry carwash promises to offer a gleaming finish and put an end to the stubborn residual dirt that has frustrated rear car washes in the past.Thanks to this innovative, multidimensional technology, WashTec can ensure an immaculate wash from start to finish in the booming hatchback market.

A glance at the new cars on the road is enough to see that all the leading car manufacturers are now winning over customers with their elegant hatchbacks. In fact, sales of hatchback cars and cars with rear spoilers are forecast to rise still further. WashTec has positioned itself to accommodate this trend and is now offering a clever solution that helps give the backs of cars the best possible wash.

Nowadays, almost every car is designed with recessed bumper bars to give it a clean, modern line.There was only one drawback: at the carwash, neither the roof washer nor the side washing systems available on the market at the time were equipped to give these “problem areas” an adequate wash.


The MultiFlex side washing system guarantees the perfect wash, even on slanted surfaces

With the advent of WashTec’s MultiFlex side washing system, the carwash can move into multiple new dimensions. The innovation is a side brush that not only adapts flexibly to the contours of the vehicle but also actively pivots backwards by 15° when washing the rear of the car. Capable of pivoting on two axes, the MultiFlex side brushes ensure maximum contact with the vehicle when washing around the back ends of the bumper bars and the roof pillars. And the innovative active pivot function ensures that the wash reaches and pays targeted attention to the familiar problem areas encountered in a range of current vehicle models.

“The MultiFlex side washing system guarantees the perfect wash, even on slanted surfaces –which in today’s cars is an extremely common occurrence,” says WashTec Gantry ProductManager Wolfgang Dietsch as he proudly explains his company’s latest achievement.

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